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86 volunteer Commercial Drone pilots registered in 31 states

with International Pilots in Canada, South Africa, Bahamas



















We are an all-volunteer organization of FAA Commercial drone pilots trained in drone Search & Rescue (SAR) techniques and operations seeking to promote the use of drones for Search & Rescue through free training and maintaining a registry of licensed and trained pilots willing to volunteer for SAR incidents. We welcome international pilots who are commercially licensed in their respective countries. We don't sell anything for profit, nor do we charge for training or Search/Rescue services. We are a U.S. national registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that never charge for our services and you can donate here. We also accept international pilots into the DSAR Registry (international pilots are responsible for ensuring they abide by their local certification requirements.) We welcome all drone pilots, regardless of experience or certification, to train with us for free in Drone SAR operational techniques. While SAR is our primary mission, we are trying to establish a relationship with the American Red Cross to enhance their damage assessment capability with our drones. We offer our thermal cameras at no cost to Fire Services (see here.) We also offer Law Enforcement no-cost training on effective tactical employment of LE drones. If interested, please read the Training page and Contact Us.

  • NOTE: We have cancelled all DSAR training until the Coronavirus settles down. Not a good time to be traveling.
  • We are investigating the use of LOC8 image scanning software for DSAR operations
  • We are working towards establishing a working relationship with EquuSearch. We believe there is potential for powerful synergy working with them. 
  • Read about real-world DSAR missions here.
  • Remote DSAR "Aloha" chapter organized in Oahu HI
  • The FAA approved DSAR's request for a blanket night waiver (107.29 - Daylight Operation) for DSAR pilots flying search & rescue. Read more here.
  • Read here 5 stories showcasing ways Search/Rescue used drones to save lives
  • DSAR is working to establish a working relationship with the American Red Cross. Read about it here.
  • Our free briefing "Introduction To Drone Search & Rescue" is available on the Online Training page
  • FLIR Imaging
  • 4K Camera Recording With GPS TimeStamping
  • Loudspeaker Capability
  • Spotlight Capability
  • Night Beacon
  • Night/Day & Limited Visibility Operations
  • Compact System With Rapid Deployment
  • Fast Waypoint Mapping Of Search Area
  • Drone Search techniques: Route (line), Grid, Expanding Square, Parallel Line, Creeping Line, Expanding Whirlpool, FPV, etc.
  • Automatic Pre-programmed Drone Flight Search
  • Instant Real-Time Positioning Alerts On Nearby Manned Aircraft
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing
  • Drone use for SAR ops is explained here
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We are licensed FAA Commercial Drone Pilot volunteers trained in Drone Search & Rescue techniques, available for SAR incidents at 256-529-7684 or contact us via email here

We're building a National Registry of Volunteer 107 Certified Drone pilots with training in search techniques that are willing to be called upon if an incident arises in their area. If you're 107 certified, have training in search techniques and volunteer to be on the registry, please send us your contact information here. The registry is never published or shared to prevent spam and maintain privacy.

DSAR Drone Night SAR training. Includes video from a DJI Inspire with a Zenmuse XT FLIR camera. 













Tentative Future Training:​ NOTE: We have cancelled all DSAR training until the Coronavirus settles down. Not a good time to be traveling.


Click the "Online Training" link for news of free online training in drone SAR operations that we hope to offer starting this summer. There is also a link to Jay Manley's excellent free videos on Drone SAR that lays a solid foundation on SAR terminology and techniques. We welcome all drone pilots, regardless of experience, that are able to train with us quarterly in SAR operational techniques. If interested, please Contact Us