DSAR is a national organization that never charges for search and rescue services. No one receives any salary or compensation from DSAR; everyone (to include Board members) is a volunteer. We are dependent on grants and donations for all of our operating budget which includes training and deployment expenses. We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation; all donations are tax-deductible as charitable contributions.


Nobody, to include all Board members, takes a salary from DSAR. All of us are volunteers, paying expenses to date out of our own pockets.

DSAR saves lives. You can be part of the team and help keep our mission alive. The contributions of you or your corporation will make a positive impact.

Contact us to donate useful items that you can take a tax-deduction on. What kind of items can we use? Drone accessories, Drone "wetsuits" for open-water SAR operations, useful gadgets for Search/Rescue operations like a Garmin Mini Inreach, radios, binoculars, safety vests, etc. ... and of course ... drones. We ultimately seek to fund high-end fly-away thermal drones that could be over-nighted to qualified DSAR pilots for emergencies.


Use the button below to donate via paypal. Donations can also be accepted via a check made out to DSAR Inc. Contact us to get the address to send the check. (Please do not use this Paypal link to pay for training in North Carolina; there are no more training slots left.)