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DSAR Chapters​

DSAR Chapter locations to date:


Recognizing the benefits, the Board welcomes the creation of DSAR local Chapters across the country. The Board needs to be comfortable with the Chapter's ability to represent DSAR professionally with a thorough understanding of all that entails - not just "knowing the regulations" but also technically, meaning both trained and competent. Local Chapters must be led by someone that the Board has confidence in and who can work with people and agencies to safely and efficiently perform the tasks assigned them.

While local Chapters can recommend qualified and trained pilots for addition to the Registry, the DSAR Main Office retains the right to approve such individuals and publish and maintain the official Registry of DSAR qualified pilots.

Any individual contemplating opening a DSAR local chapter must meet the following requirements:

  • be Part 107 certified

  • have participated in at least one DSAR training event at which board members are present


The Board must approve all DSAR local chapters. Once approved, the local chapter will be added to the DSAR web site and is authorized to conduct official DSAR training. The DSAR Main Office will provide local Chapters whatever support that we have the resources to execute with.

The following applies to all DSAR chapters:

  • Chapters should have a minimum of 3 people in leadership, all 107 certified, with someone designated the chapter president. At least one (preferably the senior person) has gone through an official DSAR training course and met with at least 2 Board members.

  • Any funds donated to a chapter must come through us (since we have to account for all funds for tax purposes). Use the PayPal link on the "Donate" page. Funds donated to DSAR will be redistributed as needed and requested to the Chapters. Distribution is decided by the needs of the Chapter and not based on the fundraising ability of the Chapter. 

  • Chapter funds may be appropriately used for training and deployment expenses.

  • We maintain the sole DSAR registry. Chapters can submit new people for the registry that they deem qualified and we will add them to the central registry.

  • Chapters are qualified to conduct their own training and ascertain who is qualified to be on the DSAR registry.

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