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Unsolicited Feedback from pilots we trained:

"I thought I’d share this with you. I got called out today (April 1) for a SAR mission to find an 8 year old that was missing. She was last seen walking away from her house in a rural area. Even though she was found shortly before I arrived on scene, I was a lot more confident while responding and on what I would have needed to do once I arrived. Thanks for putting on the SAR class and I can’t wait for the next one." 

"Fantastic day! I learned a ton and had a blast. It was good to put faces with names. I’m going to try to make Atlanta. Thanks for putting it together"

"I thought that it was outstanding. Me and my wife really did enjoy the training. I learn a lot from all three of you ...... The display went blank while I was flying, and with Bob there with me, he told me that I still had control of the drone, even thro that I could not see it in line of sight. Wow! The drone kept on doing the way points until the end of the pre-program flight. Rob knows drones. He is one to have in your hip pocket when it come to drones. Thanks alot ...... I do not think people (that do not own a drone) really understands how hard it is to see things or a person on a drone camera when you are flying above ground ...... I really did enjoy the training. It was great just to share experiences with different drone operators. I hope you guys invite me back in the future."

"I appreciated the classroom presentation, Q&A, discussions, and applications with practice missions. It is helpful to actually practice operations similar to real-world situations to get an understanding of the things to consider and difficulties in getting success."

"Bob (@RCdancer) Rob (@Thunderdrones) and Charlie ( do not know his handle), who organized the show put forth a fantastic course, hands on training and meeting with other Drone pilots who wanted to be part of the DSAR team today. We started on time, flew missions and did other cool stuff. Very good turn out as well. Lunch, coffee and dough nuts were on spot as well. Wanted to thank the organizers and all participants."

".... a big thank you to all that planned and presented the program today. The weather was great, learned some good information and was able to checkout other folks equipment. Well done"

"Thank you for all your efforts! I have also been motivated to start studying towards getting a 107 license. I’ll let you know if that comes to fruition."

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