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Night Flights

Night Flight Waiver:

The FAA approved DSAR's request for a blanket night waiver (107.29 - Daylight Operation) for DSAR Registry pilots flying Search & Rescue (SAR).  Pilots will receive individual notification of the conditions they must be operate under as well as training they must complete beforehand. Pilots must send in specific information and will then be annotated in the Registry as qualified to fly under the waiver. After that, pilots will receive an electronic copy of the approved waiver which they must have in possession while flying at night. Registry Pilots are not authorized to fly under our 107.29 Waiver until specifically notified in an email.

Night flights currently require a waiver under part 107. Night flight training is required. Jonathan Rupprecht offers an excellent drone Night Operations Training Course here for $39.97. Excellent material and our highest recommendation. Well worth the cost.

"Completion fulfills the night training requirement under a Part 107 waiver. This course teaches (1) proper night scanning techniques, (2) physiological conditions which may degrade night vision, and (3) night visual illusions & their remedies."

We also strongly recommend his course for hobbyist night flight pilots.

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