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Free Online Training

Jay Manley has an excellent free series of videos online here dealing with Search & Rescue (SAR) with a focus on drones. It's an excellent high-level overview of SAR terminology and procedures to lay a solid foundation that we build upon during our training, onsite and online.

We plan to ultimately offer online training in drone search & rescue to geographically isolated pilots worldwide.


Our free briefing "An Introduction To Drone Search & Rescue" (60 slides) is available for download here. While focused on SAR operations in the U.S., the principles are a good start for anyone anywhere.

Sometime this summer we will offer our first free online course for remote training on drone SAR operations. While nothing can beat onsite training with us, we want to offer free help to geographically isolated pilots. Watch our web site for updates.

Any & everyone one will be able to freely access the online training.


As Allen wisely says, "I know my situation is a little different in that I am already embedded and teaching this but I know what it's like to show up on a LIVE incident and everyone is talking their "Incident Command language" and I was a lost puppy. Taking just a few NIMS courses makes a world of difference and allows you to concentrate on the task at hand more and less on "What did he/she say and who do I need to talk to?" 


If you're just wanting a crash course so you can understand some of the lingo and be more comfortable around Incident Command just take these 2:

If you're wanting to try and work with an agency more and maybe become a Subject Matter Expert you'll want to expand to


All of the above are ONLINE courses and they are FREE! 

If you are serious and you want to get fully involved and are going to be embedded in an agency you'll probably be required to take the following in-person but still free ones:


These courses will make things easier and also  educate you on "key words" that agencies will appreciate hearing during initial contact.

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