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DSAR Operations With The American Red Cross


DSAR is pleased to work towards establishing a working relationship with the American Red Cross regarding DSAR drones helping them with Damage Assessment after a disaster (picture below is from our initial meeting with them.). It's a win/win for both sides. The Red Cross had a recent situation where they had to wait weeks for flood waters to recede before they could get in to assess damage. A drone would have been invaluable and able to assess damage the first day.


The Red Cross is excited about the possibility of using DSAR drones. DSAR Registry pilots need to register (for free) on the Red Cross web site as a Disaster Cycle volunteer and take the free online course "Disaster Cycle Services: An Overview [DCSOVRW]. Once registered as a volunteer and training is complete, the Red Cross will pay their expenses to include food, shelter (hotel if necessary) and travel. 

DSAR encourage all Registry pilots to register with the American Red Cross as a disaster cycle volunteer and complete the two courses online for Disaster Cycle Services and Disaster Assessment Fundamentals.

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