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Unsolicited comment from one of the participants in DSAR training:

"Thanks for a great day of training in NC. It was a pleasure to meet you, your wife, and many of the other pilots in DSAR. The time and attention that You, Allen, and Mani put into the exercises made the day a lot of fun, and a tremendous learning experience.

This type of event will set DSAR apart from the other volunteer groups, and the level of professionalism and preparedness shown by DSAR pilots will be recognized by the professional first responders, SAR teams and incident command staff."


We kick off every training session at DSAR by putting all the drones into the air simultaneously ....
















Future DSAR Training:

  • Night SAR Training, Nov 9th 2019 in Huntsville, AL. (Requires 107 certification, previous night operations online training and approved anti-collision lights). Video of the training venue is hereNight SAR training from 1500 till midnight. Requires a 107 certificate and approved anti-collision lighting. A thermal camera is recommended but not required. Sign up here. Pay the $20 registration fee here. Limited to 10 pilots.

  • Florida panhandle, Spring 2020​

  • Colorado Springs, CO early Fall 2020

At DSAR we seek to be a free resource for all drone pilots. We recognize (1) the value of synergy, (2) that no single person has all the answers and all knowledge, and (3) that drone technology is constantly evolving at light speed. Thus, we believe freely pooling our collective experience, wisdom and knowledge benefits everyone.


We recognize that professional Drone Search & Rescue organizations fill a valid need and we are grateful for them. At the same time, we recognize that many organizations and pilots cannot afford to pay for training or their circumstances do not make it a viable option. We wish to be a free resource for them.

We highly recommend Maps 3D Pro for a smartphone app when doing Drone Search & Rescue. Even when you don't have a GPS signal, you can enter a location to call up 3D terrain mapping for a specific location. Can use addresses and GPS coordinates. Ability to use waypoints. Read more about it here. As one review says, "Overall, Maps 3D Pro is the best map-centric outdoors navigation app we've used, and we recommend it highly." Outstanding app when you're in the middle of nowhere.


Our comprehensive "Introduction to Drone Search & Rescue" brief is available for download on the "Online Training page.


We are willing to consider travel to other geographical locations in the U.S. if a sufficient number of pilots can be organized to participate. While SAR is our primary mission, we also work with Law Enforcement providing no-cost training on the effective tactical use of LE drones in both outdoor and indoor operations.

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